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Touchpoint Shield by SafeGroup - Tomorrows cleaning awards

Touchpoint Shield™ Videos

What is Touchpoint Shield™?

SafeGroup Strategic Business Director Chris MacDonald explains how Touchpoint Shield™ is a unique antimicrobial coating that works 24 hours a day to protect any surface against bacterial and viruses, providing unrivalled performance and longevity.

How does Touchpoint Shield™ work?

SafeGroup Strategic Business Director Chris MacDonald explains how Touchpoint Shield™ works by combining an ultra-thin but highly-durable near-invisible ceramic layer with silver ions, the active ingredient that destroys bacteria and virus cells and go on working 24 hours a day throughout the lifetime of the protective coating.

What is the key advantage
of Touchpoint Shield™?

A key advantage of Touchpoint Shield™ is its durability. SafeGroup’s Chris MacDonald explains how there are many antimicrobial products on the market, but most are sacrificial sprays. This means their efficacy quickly reduces to the point that treatment has to be repeated. Touchpoint Shield™ stays 100% effective for at least three years, constantly destroying potentially harmful pathogens.

Why are you confident Touchpoint Shield™
makes a real difference?

SafeGroup Strategic Business Director Chris MacDonald explains how he feels privileged to have worked with clients to prove Touchpoint Shield™ works so well through scientific testing and field trials, seeing the positive results it delivers, and that he feels proud that he can take such a good antimicrobial product to the market.

What post-installation maintenance
do you provide for Touchpoint Shield™?

SafeGroup provides ongoing maintenance for Touchpoint Shield as required by the customer. Company director Chris MacDonald explains this includes an annual inspection to ensure the coating is still in place, resulting in the product’s recertification. If necessary, customers can be given a special laser pen (the laser light reacts with an additive in the coating) so they can do more frequent tests.

What do clients think are the key
advantages of Touchpoint Shield™?

SafeGroup’s Chris MacDonald explains customers see many different advantages in installing Touchpoint Shield™. The main one is the additional health and safety benefits and the confidence it gives the business and its teams that effective protection is in place. Another important one is the cost savings created by the antimicrobial surface coating.

What are the ongoing health
benefits of Touchpoint Shield™?

Touchpoint Shield™ reduces the amount of potentially harmful bacteria and viruses on high frequency touch points. As such, it helps control a wide range of bugs, for example, norovirus, the vomiting bug, not just SARS-CoV-2. SafeGroup’s Chris MacDonald explains how this has the potential to reduce employee lost days through sickness, eliminating significant costs.

How will Touchpoint Shield™ help us
lead-normal lives again?

SafeGroup’s Chris MacDonald explains how people have devised many different ways, some of them quite unusual, to carry on their daily lives while protecting themselves from the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The big challenge is to have ways to allow us all to living normal lives with confidence. Chris explains how and why Touchpoint Shield™ can help us do that.

How have you shown
Touchpoint Shield™ is effective?

Touchpoint Shield™ has been tested in an independent laboratory and shown to be highly effective at killing SARS-CoV-2, the COVID-19 virus, and a range of other viruses and bacterial. SafeGroup’s Chris MacDonald explains how they were determined to go a step further and prove its efficacy in live environments. The results, he say, are startling and unequivocal.

How does Touchpoint Shield™ help meet
new expectations about hygiene?

SafeGroup’s Chris MacDonald explains how businesses now want to be able to evidence the extra protection they are providing for employees and customers provide hygienic environments. Touchpoint Shield™ allows them to do that. Without the antiviral and antibacterial coating it would be impossible to maintain the standards expected with cleaning alone.

How do you help explain
Touchpoint Shield™ to client teams?

SafeGroup’s Chris MacDonald explains how they support customers in communicating Touchpoint Shield™ to their employees and customers. This may be in the form of stickers that SafeGroup supplied to place alongside coated surfaces. Or through posters, internal and external messaging, or Q&A sessions to show effective additional measures are being taken to protect them from unhygienic bacteria and viruses.

How can Touchpoint Shield™ help
control cleaning costs?

Touchpoint Shield is a very cost-effective solution. SafeGroup’s Chris MacDonald explains how heightened expectations around hygiene and cleanliness increased cleaning budgets. But Touchpoint Shield™ can help control them by eliminating the need for additional touch point cleaning. He gives an example of one client that is looking to save over £800,000 a year by introducing the antiviral and antibacterial coating.

Can Touchpoint Shield™ provide
protection in vehicles?

SafeGroup Strategic Business Director Chris MacDonald explains how Touchpoint ShieldTM  silver ions coating not just ideal for providing protection in static environments. It can also be used to coat the controls and door handles of any vehicles, including JCBs, lorries and vans. He gives the example of how multiple train drivers can be protected more effectively against hygiene risks if the controls in the train cab are coated. The benefit being, that the controls stay the exactly same.

Can Touchpoint Shield™ be applied
across all environments?

SafeGroup Strategic Business Director Chris MacDonald explains how Touchpoint Shield™ coating can be applied to many different surfaces to provide excellent long-lasting protection and that they are working with customers in many sectors, including retail, hospitality, banking, and manufacturing. He says SafeGroup will work with customers to advise them about only coating high-risk surfaces so the greatest benefit is created with a controlled budget.

How does Touchpoint Shield™
antimicrobial coating work?

Touchpoint Shield™ is a unique, highly durable antimicrobial coating that is highly effective at suppressing viruses and bacteria on many surfaces, including work desks, shop counters, restaurant tables, door handles, equipment controls – even loo seats. SafeGroup’s Chris MacDonald explains the component parts of the coating and how they combine together to create a highly effective barrier against micro-organisms in workplaces and customers spaces, protecting staff and customers, and improving wellbeing as we leave the COVID-19 pandemic.

How can you check Touchpoint Shield™
is working year after year?

Touch point cleaning cannot keep up with the rapid growth of pathogens. That’s why Touchpoint Shield™ is needed to provide constant long-term protection against bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2. SafeGroup’s Chris MacDonald explains how clients can use a laser pen, as part of regular maintenance, to check the highly durable coating is in place.