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Touchpoint Shield by SafeGroup - Tomorrows cleaning awards

Touchpoint Shield™
The benefits

Enhanced protection

Touchpoint Shield™ will provide enhanced protection for your colleagues and customers. It is proven to be effective against SARS-CoV-2 and a wide range of other pathogens, including other viruses, bacteria, fungi, and mould.

When applied to high touch point areas it goes on working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, greatly reducing the risk of potentially harmful microorganisms being present at high levels in between cleaning.

As the coating is nearly invisible, this is done without the need for the application of covers or films that change the look and aesthetic of carefully designed and planned environments.

The coating is proven, durable and dependable. Once in place, it will continue to work with minimal maintenance for up to three years. All you have to do is keep the treated surfaces clean in the usual way.

Reduced cleaning costs

Touchpoint Shield has been shown to reduce the need for more intensive touchpoint cleaning. After one trial, it was calculated the coating would allow the current touchpoint cleaning budget to be reduced by 80%.

Given the high levels of additional cleaning deemed necessary to maintain a hygienic environment, this is a significant saving, allowing limited resources to be deployed to other urgent priorities.

Once Touchpoint Shield is applied, our customers just have to keep the coated surface clean, as part of their regular cleaning regime with pH neutral environmentally-friendly products to maintain its efficacy.

Touchpoint Shield™ also makes surfaces much more grime resistant. It actively protects surfaces against dirt and other marks, making it easier and faster to keep coated surfaces clean and looking their best.

Greater assurance

Touchpoint Shield™ supports effective post-pandemic return to work plans by providing reassurance to colleagues that effective measures are in place to maintain a hygienic working environment.

It can play a key role in meeting heightened expectations around hygiene standards in the post-COVID-19 workplace and public spaces.

Businesses that can demonstrate and publicise that they are providing enhanced protection for colleagues and customers are very likely to enjoy a commercial advantage over their competitors.

Improved wellbeing

Employee and customer wellbeing and mental health has been growing in importance even without the pandemic. A long-term commitment to reduce health risks in the workplace and customer spaces is likely to be welcomed.

We provide stickers and other notices our clients can use to promote the presence of Touchpoint Shield and the benefits it brings.

Where Touchpoint Shield™ is applied, it helps build trust by providing a fresh and clean start to each working day, as it goes on acting against bacteria and viruses 24/7 between cleans.

Support for hybrid working

Hybrid working, where employees share time between home and office, is expected to become more common as a result of the pandemic. This is likely to require more intensive and collaborative workspaces.

Touchpoint Shield will support this new hybrid way of working by ensuring environment hygiene standards are optimised, reducing the likelihood of the need for physical restrictions that could impede team working.

Greater sustainability

Touchpoint Shield™ supports a more environmentally-friendly way to maximise hygiene levels at high infection transmission points.

Because the coating is the primary anti-microbial agent, only pH neutral cleaning fluids are needed to maintain its surface, reducing the need for harsher cleaning chemicals.

This is good for the environment, so supports sustainable maintenance and CSR strategies that underpin brands and help give many businesses a competitive edge.