touchpoint shield bottles

New coating is silver lining for a safer hybrid future

Businesses are being offered a new super-tough antimicrobial coating to help improve hygiene standards in the post-pandemic workplace while controlling key cleaning costs. Touchpoint Shield uses proven silver ion technology to destroy pathogens. Scientific studies show it is highly-effective against bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 which causes COVID-19. Field trials have confirmed these excellent results […]

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Touchpoint Shield coating magnified x1100

The hygienic silver lining that controls costs

Businesses are looking for smart post-pandemic hygiene solutions to control cleaning costs. Touchpoint Shield™ can provide one of them, says Steve Broughton, founder of cleaning specialist SafeGroup, which has launched the innovative antimicrobial ‘liquid glass’ coating. Cleaning companies can be proud of what they have achieved during the COVID-19 pandemic. When their clients needed them […]

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10 reasons to choose touchpoint shield

10 reasons to choose Touchpoint Shield™

Why choose Touchpoint Shield™ – here’s ten great reasons for a start

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