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Touchpoint Shield by SafeGroup - Tomorrows cleaning awards

Laser Pen Testing

The Touchpoint Shield™ laser pen provides a simple and useful visual check of the existence and integrity of the antimicrobial coating.

A unique additive applied during the production process reacts by glowing under the laser light. This provides our installation teams with instant verification that the surface has been coated successfully.

We can also use the laser device to confirm the coating remains in place as part of our Touchpoint Shield maintenance programme.

If they prefer, customers can use the laser pens to self-test the coating, providing reassurance to employees and customers that Touchpoint Shield™ continues to protect them from harmful microbes.

Laser Pen detects particles in coating
Touchpoint shield laser test

Laser pen safety instructions

Please read carefully the safety precautions listed below because the device is classified as a Class IIIb laser product and poses a hazard to the eye if handled improperly.

Important operation procedures are also described.



  • The diode laser contained in this pen emits invisible infrared radiation through the aperture in the cap.
  • Do not allow this or any other laser device to be handled by minors or anyone unfamiliar with this safety protocol. Store the batteries out of the pen in the box compartments.
  • When in use, always point the laser pen down and away from yourself and others. Never shine this or any other laser pointer at anyone.
  • Do not point the laser pen at mirror-like, highly reflective surfaces; the reflected beam can act like a direct beam on the eye.
  • Never allow exposure of the eye to direct laser irradiation.


  • The device is reliable under normal operating conditions. However, it can be easily damaged or destroyed through overheating, mechanical stress or submergence in liquids.
  • To load fresh batteries, unscrew the solid end cap and install two alkaline AAA 1.5V batteries with the positive ends towards the cap. The average battery life of the detector ranges from 90 – 120 days under normal operating conditions.
  • The pen is turned on while the black rubber button is depressed.
  • The visual response can be seen as a brightly coloured spot on the surface of a product containing The Touchpoint Shield™ covert marking additive.


This device is an invisible Class 3b laser and can cause severe damage to eyes. DO NOT shine the laser into the eyes of a person or animal and exercise extreme care when in operation.