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Touchpoint Shield by SafeGroup - Tomorrows cleaning awards

How Touchpoint Shield™
is maintained

Customer cleaning

Once it is applied, our customers just have to keep the coated surface clean, as part of their regular cleaning regime with pH neutral environmentally-friendly products, to maintain its efficacy.

This is to ensure no dirt or grime builds up on the coating’s surface, preventing the impregnated silver ions from reaching the microbes.

When applied, these extremely small particles form very stable covalent bonds with atoms in the material surface, creating a super-durable layer of glass that cannot be removed by regular cleaning.

Near invisible and around 5-7 microns in depth, about half the thickness of a human hair, this nanoceramic layer is the perfect medium for holding antimicrobial silver ions.

Touchpoint Shield™ support

TouchPoint Shield™’s nanoceramic liquid glass coating has an exceptionally strong covalent bond with surfaces it is applied to, providing an effective lifetime of the product of up to three years.

Because the silver ions are impregnated throughout this super-tough coating, they cannot be removed, even by the rubbing action caused by repeated cleaning.

While the coating is still in place, the silver ions go on working day and night. Therefore, we provide a service and care package designed to confirm Touchpoint Shield™ will remain effective for up to three years.

Touchpoint Shield™ service package

As part of our ongoing service support, we will visit your premises every 12 months to carry out an audit of areas treated with Touchpoint Shield™ to confirm it is providing the protection you need.

This includes carrying out visual checks of application sites and conducting two specific tests – laser testing and laboratory microbial testing – view those results here.

Renewing the coating

We recommend that the Touchpoint Shield™ should be renewed after three years to ensure protection against pathogens is maintained at maximum levels.

This is achieved by simply removing the coating using a specialist gel and then reapplying a new coating, which will then provide ongoing protection for another three years.

Recoating within service periods

As part of its service agreement, SafeGroup will agree to recoat a set number of coated touchpoints within a three year period from the date of application. This assists customers where, for example, faulty door handles or other furniture have to be replaced.


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