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Touchpoint Shield by SafeGroup - Tomorrows cleaning awards

Hospitality and leisure
Raising standards, controlling costs

The hospitality and leisure sectors have been hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic so face some of the biggest challenges as the UK recovers from the huge shocks it has caused.

Putting in place sustainable and cost-effective hygiene measures during the recovery phase and in the long-term to safeguard against another pandemic will be critical.

Touchpoint Shield™, a new advanced antimicrobial coating, is ready to help restaurants, pubs, bars, hotels, theatres, museums, galleries and other businesses in the hospitality and leisure sector achieve that.

Here are 8 important reasons why:

  1. Touchpoint Shield™ enhances standard hygiene strategies.
  2. It provides proven protection against bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2.
  3. It allows intensive touchpoint cleaning to be scaled back, with the potential to significantly reduce costs.
  4. Its grime-repellent characteristics also make it easier to clean coated surfaces with low-cost pH neutral detergents.
  5. Touchpoint Shield™ is highly durable and low maintenance – it is designed to last for up to three years.
  6. Environment aesthetic are unchanged – there is no need for unsightly antimicrobial touchpoint covers.
  7. Touchpoint Shield™ supports the wellbeing and mental health of customers and employees.
  8. It will form a key part of long-term pandemic planning and preparedness.

About Touchpoint Shield™

Touchpoint Shield™ is an advanced ‘liquid glass’ ceramic coating. It includes an active ingredient, silver ions. These are proven to destroy a wide range of bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, responsible for COVID-19.

The coating is extreme tough. It is also nearly invisible, creating a protective layer on surfaces five microns thick, half the width of a human hair.

Once applied by Touchpoint Shield™ technicians, the silver ions get to work, continuously destroying bacteria, viruses, fungi and mould. This greatly reduces the surface’s bioburden. In turn, the risk of transmission of potentially harmful microorganisms is also greatly reduced.

Scientifically proven

Touchpoint Shield™ is proven to provide a long-lasting barrier against build-up of microorganisms, remaining in place for up to three years.

Laboratory tests show our coating eliminates over 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and that Touchpoint Shield™ is non-toxic for humans and does not affect the fire retardancy qualities of materials, like seat fabrics.

These excellent results are backed by our own field trials, carried out in live customer environments, one of them a major London theatre.

We have tested surfaces coated with Touchpoint Shield™, compared with the same surfaces that have undergone professional touchpoint cleaning.

These test show Touchpoint Shield™ significantly restricts the regrowth of a range of potentially harmful bacteria associated with sever intestinal illness. However, surfaces that are only professionally cleaned begin to be recolonised with bacteria within a matter of minutes.

Hospitality and leisure – the post-COVID-19 challenge

Hospitality and leisure managers and venue owners face a huge range of often competing challenges as the nation recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Customers are likely to have a heightened intolerance to substandard hygiene and cleanliness.
  • They will value restaurants, bars, theatres and other venues that take additional measures to protect and reassure them.
  • There will be pressure to increase cleaning and hygiene budgets at a time when finances are stretched.
  • The concerns and welfare of staff must also be considered at a time when retention of skilled workers will be crucial.
  • Businesses must also consider long-term pandemic preparedness.

Touchpoint Shield™ – hospitality hygiene strategies

Touchpoint Shield™ provides valuable solutions to these challenges. It will  integrate smoothly with standard hygiene protection plans, enhancing their effectiveness in hospitality and leisure environments.

  • Touchpoint Shield™ is a targeted response to the number one hygiene risk.
  • Intensive touchpoint cleaning – for example hourly in high-use areas – can be scaled back, allowing cleaning resources to be allocated to other important tasks.
  • Touchpoint Shield™ protects against all microorganisms, including bugs like Norovirus and Staphylococcus, which are major threats to restaurants, cafes and bars.
  • Touchpoint Shield™ is a low maintenance solution and will remain active as long as treated surfaces are regularly cleaning with a pH neutral detergent. No harsh or expensive chemicals are needed.
  • It can play an important role in maintaining hygiene standards in intensively used spaces, such as bars, restaurants, theatres and hotels.
  • Touchpoint Shield™ can be easily, quickly and safely installed, providing enhanced protection from the first day it is applied.
  • It can form a key element of sustainable long-term plans to respond effectively to future pandemics.

Touchpoint Shield™ – maximising trust and reassurance

All experts agree that the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to have permanently raised concerns about public hygiene to a new level, a change recognised in the hospitality and leisure industry.

Touchpoint Shield™ is a practical and powerful way for hospitality and leisure businesses to tackle ongoing concern about the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which will remain endemic in the UK.

It will reassure customers visiting bars, museums, event venues and hotels that additional measures are being taken to protect against a range of threats, not just Coronavirus.

A key element of Touchpoint Shield™’s advantage is the way customers and employees know it is always present, removing threats from bugs every minute of the day and night.

When we apply Touchpoint Shield™ we can also apply installation stickers (also coated), informing staff, visitors and customers that the coating has been applied and it is helping protect them against pathogen risks.

Touchpoint Shield™ – the SafeGroup difference

Touchpoint Shield™ has been developed by SafeGroup, one of the UK’s leading emergency soft FM specialists. We have many years of experience providing high quality cleaning services to bars, restaurants, hotels, theatres and event venues across the UK.

As such, hospitality and leisure managers can be sure that our delivery of the Touchpoint Shield™ service will be smooth, safe and professional.

Find out more

If you manage a hospitality or leisure venue, talk to us about how Touchpoint Shield™ can be an important part of your hygiene strategy, safeguarding and reassuring customers and staff, reducing cleaning costs and supporting long-term pandemic protection.

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