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Touchpoint Shield by SafeGroup - Tomorrows cleaning awards

Distribution, Warehousing and Fulfilment
Touch point hygiene protection for the UK’s supply chain

Maintaining the supply of goods, including food and essential items, during the COVID-19 pandemic has been vitally important to the UK’s economy and its people.

Logistics and warehousing professionals can take great credit for their achievements in keeping Britain’s supply chains moving and providing COVID-19 secure environments for their teams.

The case for Touchpoint Shield

Touchpoint Shield is a new antibacterial coating that helps warehouse, HGV transport and fulfilment centre operators maintain these high hygiene standards, and control cleaning costs, in the post-pandemic environment.

Touchpoint Shield helps address:

  • COVID-19 becoming endemic in the UK.
  • Control of other illnesses, such as winter flu and vomiting bugs.
  • Heightened concern of employees and union representatives about hygiene risks.
  • Increased priority of hygiene for business continuity and emergency planning.

About Touchpoint Shield

Touchpoint Shield is an advanced ‘liquid glass’ nano-ceramic coating. Its active antimicrobial ingredient is silver ions.

These are proven to destroy a wide range of bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, responsible for COVID-19, E. coli, norovirus, and Staphylococcus aureus.

Silver ions also act against fungi and mould, helping to protect against the harmful effect of these contaminants in humid environments.

The coating is extremely tough. For example, it is used to protect the hulls of ocean-going yachts. It is also nearly invisible, creating a protective layer on surfaces five microns thick, half the width of a human hair.

Once applied, the silver ions continuously destroy microorganisms that come into contact with the surface. This greatly reduces the risk of transmission of potentially harmful microorganisms.

touchpoint distribution warehouse

Tested and proved to be effective

Laboratory tests show Touchpoint Shield eliminates over 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. It is also proven to be non-toxic for humans and does not affect the fire resistance of materials, like seat fabrics.

These excellent results are backed by our own comparative field trials, carried out in live customer environments.

These show Touchpoint Shield effectively restricts the regrowth of a range of potentially harmful bacteria. Meanwhile, on touchpoints that are just professionally cleaned, bacteria colonies rapidly regrow in minutes.

Application in logistics and warehousing environments

Touchpoint Shield can be applied to a wide range of high-frequency touchpoints in logistics and warehouse settings:

  • Door handles and push plates.
  • Machine and roller shutter switches.
  • Gate latches and locks.
  • Hand and security rails.
  • Controls, seats and door handles for HGVs, vans, forklift trucks, and access platforms.
  • Hand rails for warehousing picking trolleys and steps.
  • Office tables, desks, and workbenches.
  • Chairs and tables in rest area facilities and cafeterias.
  • Food and drink dispensers.
  • Toilet facilities, including taps, showers, soap dispensers and toilet seats.
Touchpoint shield for logistics and warehousing

How Touchpoint Shield is installed

We use our own in-house team of trained technicians to carry out Touchpoint Shield installation. All programmes of work are guided by bespoke risk assessments and method statements (RAMS).

Installation schedules are designed to meet specific customer needs, for example during quieter operational periods, during shutdowns, or out-of-hours, for example at night.

Enhancing hygiene in logistics and distribution

Touchpoint Shield is designed to help the UK’s logistics, warehousing and distribution industry address serious challenges that have arisen from the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are 8 important reasons why:

  1. Touchpoint Shield can be easily integrated into standard hygiene strategies.
  2. It provides proven protection against bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2.
  3. It allows intensive touchpoint cleaning to be scaled back, with the potential to significantly reduce costs.
  4. Its grime-repellent characteristics also make it easier to clean coated surfaces with low-cost pH neutral detergents, an important advantage for the in-house cleaning team.
  5. Touchpoint Shield is highly durable and low maintenance – it is designed to last for up to three years, unlike sacrificial antimicrobial products that need to be frequently reapplied.
  6. Touchpoint Shield provides reassurance for logistics and warehousing teams, supporting their wellbeing and mental health.
  7. It is quick and easy to install.
  8. Touchpoint Shield will form a key part of long-term pandemic planning and preparedness.
touchpoint shield large warehouse storage department

Touchpoint Shield – controlling cleaning costs

A valuable benefit of Touchpoint Shield is the opportunity to enhance workplace hygiene while controlling cleaning costs.

Many companies have felt it necessary during the pandemic to intensify their touchpoint cleaning regimes, at very significant additional cost.

Touchpoint Shield eliminates the need for these measures. Once the antimicrobial coating is applied, touchpoint cleaning can be returned to standard frequencies, while hygiene is significantly enhanced.

As our field trials have shown, there is evidence that more intensive touchpoint cleaning does not actually work, while Touchpoint Shield is highly effective at suppressing microbial activity.

Touchpoint Shield – the SafeGroup difference

Touchpoint Shield has been developed by SafeGroup, one of the UK’s leading planned and emergency soft FM specialists. We have many years of experience providing high quality reactive and planned cleaning services across the logistics, warehousing and online fulfilment sectors.

As such, you can be sure that our delivery of the Touchpoint Shield service will be smooth, safe and professional.

Find out more

Find out more about Touchpoint Shield and how it can:

  • Provide critical support for your hygiene strategy.
  • Control logistics and warehousing cleaning costs.
  • Safeguard and reassure employees.
  • Support long-term pandemic preparedness.

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