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Touchpoint Shield by SafeGroup - Tomorrows cleaning awards

Touchpoint Shield™
Application Process

Where we apply Touchpoint Shield™

Touchpoint Shield™ is applied by our trained coating technicians in a two-stage process to deliver its long-lasting anti-microbial protection.

Firstly, we work with customers to identify which high-frequency touch points they want to protect.

High touchpoints protected by
Touchpoint Shield™
  • Door handles
  • Door push plates
  • Stair handrails
  • Equipment controls
  • Chairs, including seats, backrests and armrests
  • Vehicle door handles
  • Safety rails
  • Care home support rails
  • Public transport grab rails
  • Hand dryers
  • Toilet lids
  • Taps

How we apply Touchpoint Shield™

Step 1

Surface preparation

All touch points selected to be coated are cleaned with a high-performance degreasing agent to ensure surfaces are clean and ready to be coated.

Step 2

Touchpoint Shield™ application

Our technicians are trained to ensure the optimum amount of the coating is applied. This maximises its effectiveness and controls customer costs.

Fast Coating Service

Thanks to the skill of our technicians, Touchpoint Shield™ is easy to apply and provides active protection within minutes.

In average ambient temperatures (for example 18-20C) the liquid glass coating dries in 15-25 minutes. In colder conditions it can take longer, in warmer conditions, it can take less time.

Once the coating has hardened, its silver ions instantly get to work, destroying any pathogens present and preventing new ones from taking hold on the protected surface.

Given the need to give the coating time to dry, customers often opt for having it applied out of working hours, for example at night.

However, by working with customers and their employees, SafeGroup can also apply Touchpoint Shield™ in live environments with minimal disruption.

Visible assurance

At the same time as applying the coating, SafeGroup’s teams can also apply stickers and notices on or next to treated surfaces to inform people of the enhanced protection against microbes, including the COVID-19 virus.

This provides excellent reassurance for employees, stakeholders, and customers alike. They will see significant extra steps are being taken to ensure their safety, boosting their confidence as they return to work or to your premises as customers. As such, Touchpoint Shield™ will support your post-pandemic return-to-business plans.